Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shared hosting

If you are struggling to decipher the difference between the multitude of options, when it comes to web hosting, don't feel left out in the cold. There are many people out there who are just discovering the advantages of owning an online business. They hear about YouTube and Myspace. They read about Ebay success stories and try to figure out how the Bill Gates Guy became so filthy rich.

If this is your first website or your tenth website, shared hosting is defined by the simple fact that you are sharing space on a Physical hard drive (server) with other start ups like your self. These shared hosting plans are extremely secure and can offer many of the same advantages as dedicated hosting. The only real difference is that shared web hosting is cheaper. Why is a shared hosting plan cheaper, you may ask? Well, Dedicated hosting requires maintenance of your own server. You will need to absorb all of these costs yourself. Of course, you can upload specialized server software to customize your web applications, but for the newbie, you won't need this for a couple years or so.

cheapwebsitehostings.blogspot.com has built an amazingly objective and informative website specializing in ratings and reviews of the top 10. They go into great detail about each hosting provider and allow you to make an educated decision in far less time than it would take to gather that same information yourself. cheapwebsitehostings.blogspot.com has shared hosting packages starting at $5 per month. Not to mention all of the astounding features that are bundled in the package. It's amazing what you can get for a buck nowadays. Unlimited email, unlimited subdomains, free domain name registration, bandwidth beyond your belief, enough diskspace to store your car for the winter and customer service that will knock your socks off. When it comes to expert reviews, cheapwebsitehostings.blogspot.com has definitely done their homework to bring you the latest and greatest.

The best part about their shared hosting plans is that many of these TOP 10 Providers, actually guarantee Customer satisfaction. Now that's confidence. The cool thing about cheapwebsitehostings.blogspot.com, they will drop a top 10 member if they mess up more than once. They follow a strict selection process for this TOP 10 list, and it benefits the customer most at the end of the day.

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